SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 HR

Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer


The SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 HR is the most recent version of the original AutoAnalyzer ll. It's designed specifically for colorimetric determination of dissolved nutrients in environmental samples.

AA3 Autoanalyzer

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Based on air Segmented Flow Analysis techniques (also known as Continuous Flow Analysis), the SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 fully automates repetitive and complex sample analysis steps, from start-up to shutdown. The SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzer can also perform solvent extraction, distillation, gas diffusion, on-line filtration and in-line UV digestion in a continuously flowing stream. SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzers are fully supported with a library of over 700 documented applications including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods.


The Future-Proof AutoAnalyzer

The AutoAnalyzer Designed for Environmental Analysis

Why the AA3 AutoAnalyzer is the First Choice in Chemistry Analyzers


The Future-Proof AutoAnalyzer

The SEAL AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer is designed to reduce your costs and future proof your investment with the modular design integrating a sampler, pump,chemistry test module, photometer and windows based software. The modular design makes it easily upgradeable to a system that measures up to 8 different analytes simultaneously. Each software program can run 2 systems -so up to 16 analyses simultaneously. The SEAL AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer also accepts Multitest Manifolds designed to extend any size analyzer to a multiple chemistry system capable of dual range of tests. Multitest Manifolds eliminate the need to change manifolds and filters when changing tests, and also reduce your hardware costs.


The AutoAnalyzer Designed For Environmental Analysis

SEAL AA3 HR chemistry analyzers incorporate features exclusive to SEAL AutoAnalyzers, and designed specifically for environmental applications, making them ideal for analyzing nutrients in wastewater, seawater, soil, fertilizer and plant extracts.


The First Choice in Chemistry Analyzers.

  • Uses Segmented Flow Analysis principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion
  • Modular unit includes Sampler, Pump, Chemical Manifold, Detector and Computer.
  • High reproducibility
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Ultralow detection limits
  • High Resolution (HR) Digital Photometers standard
  • Up to 100 samples per hour
  • Stable LED light source
  • Glass coils: chemically inert and easy visual checks
  • Over 700 documented applications, including USEPA, ISO and ASTM standard methods
  • Compatible with Technicon and Bran+Luebbe AutoAnalyzer II systems
  • Quick method change over
  • Wide range: dilution of sample rarely necessary
  • Same wavelength referencing in real time
  • Multitest manifolds
  • Dual range multitest methods for high and low ranges
  • Auto start up and shut down
  • Cadmium column switching valves
  • No adjustment required after lamp or flowcell replacement
  • Multispeed peristaltic pumps
  • Add samples after run has started
  • Future proof modular design, easy and economical upgrades.
  • Intuitive software



AutoAnalyzer 3 HR- Modular Components

AA3 HR AutoAnalyzer Digital Colorimeter

Digital Colorimeter

  • High resolution to increase the working range
  • Bubble through the flow cell to increase sampling rate
  • Extended Linear Range due to advanced flowcell design
  • True dual beam operation with  continuous real-time  referencing
  • Ultra low detection limits Eg: 0.12 ug/L for Phosphate in Seawater

Seal AA3 Autoanalyzer  High Precision Pump

High Precision Pump

  • Multi-speed motor with high speed for fast wash out
  • Electronic air injection
  • Optional valves for auto reagent switching including cadmium column, auto washout or auto dilution
  • Software control
  • Built in leak detector

SEAL AutoAnalyzer Multi-Test Manifolds

Multitest Manifold

  • Multi-Test Manifolds for up to 16 different analyses
  • Multi-Test Manifolds for:
    • Water & Waste Water
    • Soil and Plant extracts
    • Seawater
    • Tobacco
    • Feeds
    • Fertilizers

SEAL AA3 AutoAnalyzer Chemistry Manifold

Chemistry Module

  • Glass Mixing coils - chemically inert - clear view of the flow
  • Heating unit with high-precision proportional control and replaceable coil
  • Gas diffusion or dialysis options
  • Up to Eight manifolds per system


  • High capacity random access sampler sfor large work loads.
  • Up to 180/270 Samples in cups or tubes in 2/3 racks
  • Separate Rack for Standards
  • Auto-diluter option available
  • Optional integrated pump

SEAL AutoAnalyzer Automated Inline Distillation Module

Distillation Module

  • Automated in-line distillation when samples require distillation before colorimetric analysis
  • Suitable for Ammonia, Phenol, Cyanide, Fluoride, TN, TP
  • Up to 2 chemistries can be run per module
  • Manual or PC control
  • For use with SEAL AA3 or QuAAtro